SDCB Annual Member Survey
Greetings from Charles Clayton, Director of the SDCB Support Broker program at Visions Case Management. We respectfully ask that you complete this following member survey. Your input is very important to us and will guide us as our SDCB program continues to grow. If we’re doing something right, then let us know! If you have ideas on how we could be even better, then let us know! If you feel we have fallen short of your expectations in any area, then let us know! Our goal is to learn from our successes as well as our mistakes so that we can provide the best possible Support Broker services to you and your family. If you have questions about this survey please feel free to call me directly at (575) 779-7419. Thank you!

Name of your Support Broker (optional)
QUESTION 1. Which Managed Care Organization (MCO) are you currently enrolled with?
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QUESTION 2. Does your Support Broker provide consistent support by communicating with you monthly and scheduling a face-to-face meeting quarterly? (Or, due to COVID-19 restrictions on visiting in-person, scheduling a phone/video meeting quarterly?)
QUESTIONS 3. Is your Support Broker respectful of your time?
QUESTION 4. Does your Support Broker demonstrate good communication and understanding when you ask questions or show concerns?
QUESTION 5. Is your Support Broker knowledgeable of supports and services available on Centennial Care Self- Directed Community Benefits?
QUESTION 6. Is your Support Broker accessible and available to you when you have questions and concerns about your Covered Supports, Services, and Goods?
QUESTION 7. Is your Support Broker reliable? Does he/she keep appointments and return your phone calls or emails promptly?
QUESTION 8. Does your Support Broker support you in monitoring the quality and effectiveness of your Care Plan and the utilization of your budget?
QUESTION 9. Does your Support Broker help you to understand Member and EOR Roles and Responsibilities?
QUESTION 10. Did your Support Broker help you in developing a thoughtful and Comprehensive Care Plan that met your needs AND submit revisions and changes if needed?
QUESTION 11. Did your Support Broker submit your Annual Care Plan on time to the Care Coordinator and MCO (30 days before the Expiration Date)?
QUESTION 12. If necessary, did your Support Broker help you with employer-related activities such as identifying an EOR, finding and hiring employees and contractors, and completing ALL documentation required by the FMA (Conduent)?
QUESTION 13. Did your Support Broker train you in how to recognize and report “Critical Incidents” including abuse, neglect, and exploitation?
QUESTION 14. Did your Support Broker help you create and monitor the effectiveness of your 24-hour Back-Up Plan? Revise if necessary?
Question 15. Overall, how satisfied are you with Visions Case Management and Consulting?
Additional Comments or Suggestions
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