2021 Star Lake Camp Staff Application
Season is June 25th until August 6th, (6 weeks). Starting pay $275 plus experience and certification bonuses.
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Star Lake Camp's program includes substantial waterfront time. Do you have a current lifeguard certificate? *
Star Lake Camp involves constant physical activity. Can you walk at least 2 miles and carry at least 20 pounds? *
Please describe your history, if any, with Star Lake Camp. *
Please describe your passion and skills for working with elementary, middle school and high school youth. This is the most important question for evaluating future staff. *
What camping , counseling, or special skills and ideas do you bring to working at Star Lake Camp. *
Please describe any training or experience in teaching Covid protocols? *
Do you have a drivers license? *
Do you hold any of the following certifications? *
Do you need credit for an internship or practicum? *
Please describe your experiences, if any, as a camper or staff person at overnight programs. Especially discuss why you think these programs are important. *
Star Lake Camp is an outdoor program. Staff are required to sleep in tents, use outdoor privies, swim in a lake, and teach camping skills. Please assess your ability to start fires, cook over open fires, set up a tent, safely use a saw or ax, and maintain cleanliness in a camping environment. Especially discuss your confidence in teaching these skills. *
Please describe your level of expertise with a canoe. *
Please give three references, list name, relationship, and a current phone number *
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