Expedition Inc. - Island of Secrets Beta and ARC sign up.
Here's your chance. I'm looking for folks to do two distinct jobs, to help me launch Expedition Inc. - Island of Secrets.

Since I flipped the script as it were for this book, I'm not doing beta and ARC readers, but just readers. I've already gotten the manuscript back from the editor, you're reading the nearly finished product. That said, if you find something that pushes you out of the story, or is confusing, let me know, it's not set in stone :)

If nothing jumps out at you, read it, enjoy it, and I'll remind you a few days before launch to leave your review.

Start: now
Feedback needed no later than: August 14th, 2020
Launch: Sometime between September and November.

Regardless of the role you sign up for, you'll get a fully finished version of the book as thanks for your hard work!
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