Digital Humanities: Building Social Networks and Capacity in Idaho
A survey for participants of THATCamp BSU, February 13, 2016
How familiar are you with digital humanities concepts, terms and materials?
Completely new to me
Experienced, generator of new materials
Which term(s) best describes the modality in which you mostly engage with humanities topics?
Which best describes your participation as organizer or attendee in public programs with humanities content?
Include classes, visits to cultural institutions, lectures, programs or other relevant activities
How important are the humanities to public life?
Of limited value
Crucially important
How significant a contribution do arts and humanities make to the Idaho economy?
Very significant
The humanities are adequately funded and valued in Idaho.
Insufficiently supported
Well supported
What are the obstacles to greater support for the humanities in Idaho?
Your answer
How interested are you in working to increase the level of support and perceived value of the humanities in Idaho?
Not interested
Very interested
Which humanities and arts activities or venues do you participate in/visit regularly?
Which humanities and cultural entities or activities are your favorites in Boise?
Your answer
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