US College Student Director Application 2020
You are beginning an application for a US College Student Director position with Coach for College during Summer 2020.  Any prior coach with CFC is eligible to apply, including those who have graduated and those who have been directors before.  Please complete the entire application.  After submission, applicants may be contacted by a member of the selection committee for a phone interview.  

Please be aware that because we do not have agreements with many of our university partners to subsidize the director positions, returning participants must self-fund the full amount, $5,180.  Applicants are free to solicit university funding, and apply for grants. The total fundraising can be reduced if the director can purchase the flight on their own, for example with miles.  A limited number of scholarships may also be available to cover a portion of the costs.
Applications will be evaluated as they are received.  If you are strongly interested in the position, we encourage you to apply sooner rather than later.

The application asks for information about you, the camp dates you are available for, as well as several essay questions about your interest in the position and ideas you may have for various scenarios.
The following application will take a minimum of 15 minutes to complete, excluding the essay questions, which require some prior reflection.  The application must be completed in one session.  If you exit the application before completing it, none of your answers will be saved and you must begin again.  If you have received a new passport since when you were a coach, you will need to upload a digital copy, so please ensure you have that ready before you begin.

If you have any questions about the program or the application process, please do not hesitate to contact Seth Napier at
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You will notice that there are several essay questions.  Please do not let this intimidate you, and please do not spend an inordinate amount of time on them. We are an evidence based program and we like to track participants over the long term to see how their CFC experience may have impacted them in various ways.  Therefore you should not feel you need to spend a long time revising multiple times and trying to get each question "right".  The purpose of the questions is as much to stay in touch with the continuing stories of our coaches (or in some cases to help you begin to think through scenarios you may face), as it is a selection tool.
Essay questions
Why do you want to serve as an American College Student Director in the Coach for College program? In your answer, please include a description of what you learned as a coach from interactions with fellow American student-athlete participants, what you learned from the Vietnamese youth and coaches, and how this program fits into your long term goals. *
How would you help American student-athletes successfully adjust to the cultural and language differences in Vietnam as well as the food and living conditions at the camp site, both during the program and before the program? *
What do you think you will need to do to effectively serve as a liaison between the American student-athletes and others involved in the program (such as the Vietnamese college student director, the overall program director, Vietnamese coaches, Vietnamese staff, Vietnamese community members, guesthouse owners), so that good relationships are developed between the American athletes and these groups? *
As a College Student Director in this program, there will be many instances which will require you to extend your comfort zone. Describe a time from a past Coach for College camp when you were forced to step outside of your comfort zone and explain how you responded in this situation. *
As a former participant, you are familiar with how to work with Vietnamese college students to teach sports, academics, and life skills to middle school Vietnamese youth. How would you assist the American student-athletes in successfully teaming with the Vietnamese coaches and teaching the youth in the program? *
If a coach is not on task or is not teaching the material as planned, how would you get him or her back on track? *
As a College Student Director, you will also need to be able to take initiative and develop solutions when things do not go according to plan. Describe an unexpected situation that might occur during the program next summer (particularly onsite at the school) and explain how you would deal with it. *
Being a College Student Director in the Coach for College program will require significant leadership. Describe an event or experience in which you exercised a significant leadership role, particularly with college students and especially American student-athletes. If applicable, describe a time when you felt you exercised leadership in a past Coach for College program, either before or during the camps. *
How would you build cohesion/facilitate unity among your group of student-athletes, both before and during the program? (Keep in mind most of the student-athletes will not have met each other before arriving.) *
What could you do as a team leader to help create a fun atmosphere for coaches, that helps avoid alcohol becoming a central element? *
If you become aware of tension in the relationship and dynamics between coaches (either US or Vietnamese), how might you handle it? *
General information
First Name *
Last Name *
Name you prefer to be called *
Gender *
Date of birth *
University *
If your university is not in the list above, please select "Other University", and enter your school's name here.
Year of Graduation *
Varsity Sport 1 *
Varsity Sport 2 (if applicable)
If your sport is not in the list above, or if you have also participated in a 3rd varsity sport in college, please enter it here.
T-shirt size *
Contact info
Permanent address *
University email address *
Non-university email address *
Cell phone *
Major(s) *
Parent/guardian contact info
Mother's address
Mother's phone number
Mother's email address
Father's address
Father's phone number
Father's email address
Primary emergency contact
Usually emergency contacts will be family members like a parent/guardian. Please talk to your parents about who these contacts should be, since they are responsible for making emergency medical decisions on your behalf if you are unable to do so.
Name *
Relationship to participant *
Telephone number(s) - (skip if parent/guardian already listed above)
Email address (skip if parent/guardian already listed above)
Backup emergency contact
As above, this should be a trusted person, able to make emergency medical decisions on your behalf if you are unable to do so.
Name *
Relationship to participant *
Telephone number(s) - (skip if parent/guardian already listed above)
Email address (skip if parent/guardian already listed above)
Passport information
Do you possess a valid passport which will be valid at least 6 months past the end of the summer? *
Please enter your full legal name, EXACTLY as it appears on your passport
What is the expiration date?    (MM/DD/YYYY)
 (For visa purposes, if you are offered a spot with Coach for College, and your passport expires before February, 2021, it will be imperative to apply for a new passport as soon as possible after your selection, using the expedited process).
What is the passport number?
What country issued your passport?
Citizenship 2 (if applicable)
Citizenship 3 (if applicable)
Summer plans
Please indicate the camps you are available for, and your order of preference.  If you do not have a strong difference in preference between two or more camps, please indicate the same ranking number for each of those camps.  

Dates refer to the day you would leave the US, and the date you would most likely land on the way back.
Camp 1 (May 20 - June 15) *
Camp 2 (June 17 - July 13) *
Camp 3 (July 15 - August 10) *
If spots are available, would you wish to be considered to potentially go to Vietnam for 2 camps?
Clear selection
Departure airport possibilities *
If you are selected as a Coach for College director, which THREE airports would you be able to fly out of?   (You will be responsible for funding and arranging ground transport to the airport.  Flights will be booked round trip, to and from one of these airports.  We will be in touch before booking tickets to confirm your plans, so if your flight options change or if you would like to fly out of one city and back to another, you will be able to share this then, prior to ticket purchase).
End of Application
This is the end of the CFC College Student Director application.  By clicking the button below, you will submit your application.  If you need to make any changes before final submission, please do so now.  If you would like to add any notes or clarifications to your application, feel free to use the space below.  If you have any questions, do not hesitate to email us at  Thank you for your interest in rejoining us in Vietnam, to help lead a camp and play an important role in contributing to our new coaches' experience!
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