2017/18 Affiliation - Application Form
State Volleyball NSW welcomes applications for Affiliation 2017. The Affiliation period is 1 April 2017 – 31 March 2018.

This online application form will take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete, so once you start please progress to the end to the final page and SUBMIT in order to retain all of the completed information.


1. Organisation Details
2. Current Committee
3. Volunteering
4. Child-Related Activities
5. Risk Management
6. Weekly Activities
7. Additional Documents
8. Payment and Declaration

For assistance with your application please contact infosvnsw@gmail.com or (02) 8736 1265


1) ALL Associations/Clubs are required to provide a completed copy of the Venue Assessment Form for each of their primary venues (see point 5)

2) INCORPORATED Associations/Clubs are required to provide copies of:
- Most recent AGM Minutes
- Most recent Annual Report (including financial statements)

3) UNINCORPORATED Associations/Clubs are required to provide copies of:
- Basic Activities Summary (Template: http://www.nswvolleyball.com/images/Affiliation/SVNSW_Affiliate_Unincorporated_Activities_Summary_Template.doc)
- Basic Budget Model (Template: http://www.nswvolleyball.com/images/Affiliation/SVNSW_Affiliate_Unincorporated_Basic_Budget_Model.xls)

4) Associations/Clubs with CHILD-RELATED ACTIVITIES are required to provide copies of (see point 4):
- Proof of registration as an organisation with the NSW Office of Childrens Guardian
- Proof of completion of the NSW Office of Childrens Guardian "Child Safe Checklist"

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