Knowledge Academy Tutoring Referral Program
Thank you for your interest in the KA Tutoring Referral Program. Please complete the form out below once you confirm a family has registered based on your referral. Please be sure family referred provides you with the necessary information to complete the form. You will need to complete one form per family referred.

Once the session is at the midpoint of the session we will cross reference all the referrals to our registration backend. As long the Rules & Regulations below are followed then you will be notified of your $50 per registration credit that can be used towards any future Jack of Sports or Knowledge Academy registration.

Rules & Regulations:

1. Referred family must be new to the tutoring program and not requesting a registration change from an existing camp/swim/bike program registration. Referral credit is only eligible for first time registering in tutoring program, subsequent session registrations are excluded.

2. Referred family has to be fully paid and maintained registration up to at least the midpoint of the session. Registration changes to other days/times within the same session are permitted.

3. You will receive $50 credit per registration from the referred family regardless of reason. ie. Referred family registers 2x because of 2 children or same child is attending 2 lessons per week - you will receive a $100 credit.

4. $50 per registration credit can be used towards any future Jack of Sports or Knowledge Academy program, however, it must be used towards remaining amount owed. No refunds will be processed in order to apply the credit instead it can be carried over the next registration you only made partial payment.

5. If you have further questions please email
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Referred Family Member Account Email Address *
Referred Family Contact Person's First & Last Name *
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Referred Family Registered Child's First & Last Name *
If multiple children are registered or same child is registered multiple times you will be awarded $25 per registration. We only need one name to search family account and view current registration(s).
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