Table Wars: Game Runner Form- Episode III
Episode III will be happening on Saturday, February 22nd. If we get a lot of requests for games on either Friday night or Sunday, we may expand to those times, but as of now, we will only be officially running on Saturday.

Game Runners must be at least 16 years old, and they must be 18 years old in order to spend the night (unless a parent or guardian is present). While interacting with other gamers, please refrain from swearing. Remember, you are the face of Tolgy Wood while you are running games and we want to put our best face forward. While this is a BYOB event, we ask that while you are running a game that you limit your consumption. Smoking and/or vaping is only to be done outside in designated smoking areas. If you agree to help, you must be on time when showing up to run your game. We hope you have a wonderful, fun time and look forward to supporting you in your efforts to provide the same to our patrons.
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What is the average level game you would like to run?
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Board Games you are interested in running:
You should be prepared to bring any board game you are interested in running with you OR you can email us to ask if we have that game in our library.
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Let us know how many times you would like to run each game and about how long each takes to play.
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