GunBot Escrow : fee paid by buyer
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Please be patient. I am in SE Asia.
We are likely in different time zones.


BUYER: Please know the escrow fee of 7.5% of sale price + 0.0007 BTC is traditionally paid by the buyer. The GunBot escrow form is best filled out by the SELLER of the GunBot license not by the buyer. NOTE: the API key (without the secret) is safe to be shared in this situation. It is necessary to swap the seller's API key with the buyer's new API key. The GunBot license is directly tied to the API key.

Required reading for BUYER --

SELLER: Please assist your buyer in getting their API keys if necessary. Often new GunBot users need assistance to generate their first API keys. EXAMPLE: Please remind the buyer to save their API secret from Bittrex because it is only displayed once! The license transfer can not be completed without an API key from your buyer.

Required reading for SELLER --

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