Dealer Info Sheet for Zip Code Search for
Information to be used to update your dealer listing on to provide the best and most informative results for your potential customers.
Dealer Company Name *
Dealer Name *
Phone Number to Display *
Email Address to Display *
Website Address (the URL of your website not your street address)
ZIP Code to use as basis for search *
This does not have to be your actual zip code. Rather it should be the zip code you want as the center of your service area. This will be used to determine the distance between you and the zip code the customer enters.
City Name to display
Not required but recommended. Does not have to be your actual location but a city you would like to show as your main service area.
Default Search Options
Our default search is set to show dealers within a 50 mile radius of the zip code searched by the customer. It will also show dealers outside that radius but with a different message showing they are further away. We have two options for setting up how you will appear in searches either based on a radius or based on a state. Please choose one of the two options below and fill in the corresponding information for your choice.
Search Radius
Default is 50 miles but we can set the radius to whatever you choose
State(s) Serviced
Write in the states you will cover - note this will show up for any zip code in that state not just the ones closest to your area.
Service Types and Areas
There are two sections of your dealer card that will help qualify customers before they call you. Please provide us the answers to the following two questions so we can direct customers to the best dealer for their needs.
Installation Types *
What types of installations are you willing or able to perform?
Service Area Description *
Our service area description field is a free form text field that can be filled out however you desire. You may wish to list cities, counties, zip codes, etc. or any combination of these. If there any are other caveats you can also list them here. (i.e. have to purchase the glass door to do an in glass pet door installation or trip charge over so many miles, etc.)
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