KBC.ym Summer Soundtrack 2019
Summer is here! Kick your shoes off, your feet up, and let that smile go ahead and fill up your face. While we may scatter to the winds during these next few months, youth group doesn't stop! We've planned some fun youth group goings and doings throughout the summer so that our youth group family can still spend some good time together.

For the full run down, you can find our Summer Soundtrack announcement at this link: http://content.knollwood.org/youth-ministry/Summer2019%2C%20draft%201.png

This sign up will serve as our way of getting numbers for KBC.ym only events. There are a couple other events that will include our larger KBC community. These events have separate sign-up forms for which links are provided in the below descriptions. Listed on the next page is a short description for each happening coming up this summer, followed by a check-box sign-up for our KBC.ym-only events on the third page. Keep going through all of them!
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KBC.ym Lunch Out -- 8/4
Come and get a summer lunch together on a Sunday after worship. This just isn't any old lunch though. We're going to the newly opened Dave and Busters! So after our plates are cleaned, everyone will get a playcard pre-loaded to enjoy the games on the arcade floor!
Carowinds Day Trip -- 8/6 ($30)
Who doesn't love screaming at the top of their lungs while hurtling towards the ground from 300 feet in the air?! Maybe not everyone. But even if that's not your speed, there are plenty of other things to do at Carowinds for the whole day!
Intergen Summer Wednesday; Potluck & Performance part 2, feat. Great Kids/Youth Bakeoff -- 8/14
Our whole church community is gathering together again, only this time with some baking and decorating fun for our kids and youth.
SEPARATE SIGN-UP: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSco8FpR03slNtKSxH1REeWnWZbkiYPg_htRUknwmSF1-WSJvQ/viewform
W-S Dash Game -- 8/18
KBC.kids and KBC.ym invite you to join us for an afternoon at the ballpark! Your registration gets you a seat in our block together, a free hat and a game program. You can enjoy all the festivities of a night in the park for just $11 per person ($40 family maximum, ages 3 and under are free, but must sit in a lap).
SEPARATE SIGN-UP: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeFe5TIGzprPuWX5vTT0pFLe2-hbZYJL5doEvlMqqcWRr55_A/viewform
Judah & the Lion Concert -- 8/23 ($20)
Come take in a night of good music under the summer sky! Judah & the Lion are a breakthrough self-described "folk hop-and-roll" band bringing unfettered joy in their music and an uplifting message in their lyrics. You may have heard their hit "Take It All Back" on the radio in the last year, but for more music check them out wherever you get your music needs.
Which KBC.ym-exclusive happenings will you be joining this summer?
Don't see the event you're looking for? Don't forget the sign-ups for other events in the descriptions page!
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