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Adoption Rules
All potential adopters must agree to the following terms before a donkey is considered for placement. Lusco Farms Rescue reserves the right to evaluate each applicant on an individual basis. The application must be filled out prior to adoption fees being paid. An evaluation of the potential adopter will be conducted including but not limited to visit to the site where the donkey will reside, veterinarian references and farrier references. The evaluation has been established to ensure that the new home meets the standards set forth by Lusco Farms rescue.
Lusco Farms retains ownership of all adopted donkeys for life. Should the animal become ill or the adopter becomes unable to care for the donkey for any reason the donkey should be returned to Lusco Farms Rescue. If an adopter wants to exchange one donkey for another it will be determined on a case by case basis and additional fees may apply. If Lusco Farms deems that an animal is in potential harm or is not being cared for in an appropriate manner action will be taken to return the donkey to Lusco Farms Rescue.
This adoption agreement is made between Lusco Farms and the adopter filling out the form. The donkey(s) may not be moved or boarded without prior approval of Lusco Farms Rescue. The donkey must stay in the daily care of the adopter and therefore donkey(s) cannot be adopted for the purpose of gifting to others. Under no circumstances shall the adopter, sell, trade or give away the donkey(s) that were adopted.
Donkeys will not be allowed to be adopted for the use of roping, tripping, rodeo, guarding livestock, or any other cruel purpose. Donkeys will not be allowed to be adopted unless an equine is already available at the home for companionship. A minimum of two donkeys will be required for adoption if no other equine is available.
If an adopter has selected a jennet for adoption they agree to protect from breeding. If a jennet is pregnant at the time of adoption the adopter agrees to castrating offspring and or protecting from breeding.
Adopters will provide, food, shelter, water and medical care including foot and regular dental care for all donkeys in their control. Although the adoption process and terms may appear stringent it is in the best interest of the animals that these rules are followed. It takes countless hours and dollars to prepare a donkey for adoption and we intend for the process to be successful for both the donkey and the human.
By signing this agreement, the perspective adopter agrees to abide by the rules and spirit of this adoption/foster agreement. The staff of Lusco Farms Rescue is always available to assist you. Questions are always welcome.
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By submitting my application to Lusco Farms Rescue I understand that it is not a guarantee that I will be allowed to adopt an animal but is the first step in the process. *
My electronic signature gives permission for Lusco Farms to contact my references listed on this application and affirms my commitment to abide by the adoption agreement should I adopt an animal from Lusco Farms Rescue. (Type your Name in the space provided) *
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