DrupalSouth Committee - Call for Candidates
The Drupal Community in Australia and New Zealand is seeking candidates to form a permanent Standing Sub Committee with the goal to drive regional initiatives such as:

* Providing continuity around governance and knowledge transfer.
* Spreading the responsibilities of organising community initiatives across a wider group of volunteers in a more structured manner.
* Selection of annual DrupalSouth conference venues and supporting local organising teams with established processes and tools.
* Liaison with regional organisers to support meetups and smaller camps.
* Coordinating regional training and corporate outreach programs.
* Coordinating regional marketing activities.
* Management of ongoing budgets for smaller initiatives - grants, camps etc through its own Linux Australia bank account.
* Oversight of local community conflict resolution, such as breaches of the DrupalSouth Code of Conduct.
* Liaison with Linux Australia and Drupal Association on regional and global initiatives.

The committee will be comprised of five members with a minimum of two women and two New Zealanders to ensure equal gender and geographic representation. Further details about the committee are available at https://groups.drupal.org/node/534677

Candidates must be willing to do the following if elected:

* You must self-nominate as a candidate. If community members feel a particular person would make a great board member, they should encourage that individual to nominate themselves.
* You can serve a maximum 2.5 year initial term on the committee. All subsequent terms are 2 years.
* You sign up as a member of Linux Australia which acts as the governing body of the DrupalSouth Standing Sub Committee. This is free and has no obligations other than being a requirement to be a sub committee member.
* Attend a monthly conference call that will run for approximately one hour and undertake any follow up activities in your own time on a volunteer basis.
* You understand there is no financial compensation for committee members.

The call for candidates closes at midnight on Monday 1 April, 2019 and your responses will be made public through the voting period.

Please complete the form below and direct any questions to drupalsouth@gmail.com.

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