Leadership Scholars Program Application Fall 2021
The application for entrance to the IWL Leadership Scholars Program starting Fall 2021 is currently available through this form.

Applicants will need to provide the program with the following items:

- This form completely filled.

- Two letters of recommendation addressed to the "Leadership Scholars Selection Committee" (more information listed in the recommendation section of this application)

- 1-page Resume

- A copy of your Unofficial Transcript (You may download a copy of your Unofficial Transcript by logging in to the TAGS application (https://sis.rutgers.edu/tags/), clicking "Print Full Transcript," and saving the resulting PDF file.)

Please send the resume and unofficial transcript via email to the Leadership Scholars Program Assistant at iwlundergrad@iwl.rutgers.edu
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Have you taken one of the following prerequisite courses? *
If you have not taken a prequisite course, when do you plan to take it?
(You can apply if you are willing to take the pre-requisite course during the first year of the program)
List relevant courses you have taken related to issues/problems facing women in society or courses that had a gendered analysis of the course topic.
List current extra-curricular activities.
Do you have any plans to study abroad or to graduate early? If so, please describe and provide anticipated semesters.
Recommendation Letters
List names, titles, AND contact information of persons writing letters of recommendation. Two recommendations from Rutgers faculty/advisers are preferred. At least one letter must be from a professor who has taught you. One letter can also come from a community member who has worked with you during your undergraduate career. If you have any questions about obtaining recommendations please let us know via iwlundergrad@iwl.rutgers.edu.

The letter itself should be addressed to the "Leadership Scholars Selection Committee."

For convenience, all letters should be emailed directly from your recommender to the Leadership Scholars Program Assistant at iwlundergrad@iwl.rutgers.edu from their Rutgers account if they are affiliated with Rutgers.

You must reach out to recommenders on your own with this information. We do not send recommendation letter requests.
Recommendation 1
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Recommendation 2
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Policy Tracks in the Leadership Scholars Program
The policy areas in the program are designed to inform the intellectual and activist work that scholars complete in the program. For example, the policy area will relate to the focus of your internship, social action project, and capstone seminar. Although your major may point you in one direction or another, it may not necessarily influence the work you do in the Leadership Scholars Certificate Program. Also, there are intersections across all the areas so you may want to select a primary area of interest and a supplementary one. We recognize that your interests may change as you proceed through the program, you may change your policy area/s.
Please check up to TWO Policy Area(s) that you are most interested in: *
Required Essays
There are two short essays and one short answer question required with this application

A one-page, 250 word, personal statement telling us about yourself

A two-page, 500 word, essay on the following topic: Describe an issue in your field of study, volunteer or community work, or student activities that you believe needs to be addressed. How would you address that issue as an effective leader and try to implement change? This should be focused on the policy area(s) that you have checked in the question above.
Personal Statement *
Essay Question *
Finally, please tell us in a few sentences, how do you define women's leadership? *
Please share with us a short biography modeled after our current Scholars biographies found at https://iwl.rutgers.edu/leadership-scholars-certificate-program/. "Meet Our Current Leadership Scholars" *
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