Commuting with Invisible Disabilities
Hi! We are a group of students from UC Berkeley taking a design class on mobility. We are conducting research to understand more about the commuting experience of individuals with invisible disabilities. Thank you so much!
Do you identify as an individual with an invisible disability? *
Invisible disabilities are defined as disabilities that are not immediately apparent. For more context, review more here:
If you are comfortable sharing with us, briefly describe your conditions/needs.
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What methods of commuting do you regularly use? *
What are some challenges you face while commuting? *
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What are some ways you cope with these challenges? *
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What would you like to see in your ideal commute?
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Has your disability affected you socially?
If yes, how so?
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What are some common misconceptions do you think people have about invisible disabilities?
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Is there anything else you'd like to share?
This could include any relevant personal anecdotes!
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If you're willing to get further involved in our research, please share your name and/or contact info. Thanks!
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