EuroScitizen COST Acton, Dissemination Meeting Grants Application Form
Dissemination meetings are external events that applicants can apply for a grant to attend in order to disseminate the existence, objectives, activities, and outcomes of the EuroScitizen COST Action meetings.

Thanks for your interest and enthusiasm in disseminate the goals, activities and interests of our Action.

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Which specific target group will you draw attention to our Action by your participation? (5 points)- Note more points go to stakeholder groups that are not yet in the Action. *
Why do you want to attend this meeting/congress? What benefit you will personally gain in representing the COST Action at this meeting? (5 points) *
Based on your expertise and skills, how your specific participation will benefit the promotion and the visibility of the Action (5 points)? *
Which would be the outcome of this participation, and how will you give follow up? (5 points) *
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CA COST Action CA17127 Building on scientific literacy in evolution towards scientifically responsible Europeans
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