Work Order Request
NOTICE: If you are delinquent in rent at the time a work order or repair notice is given, the landlord is not obligated to make the requested repairs. For ALL work orders, Soldiers of Real Estate has 48 hours to send a company out to the property except if the repair is an emergency. if no one has contacted you within 48 hours of submitting your work order, you will need to notify the Soldiers of Real Estate Office. If the condition requiring repair is caused by a tenant, an occupant a member of the tenants family, a guest or invitee of the tenant, the tenant will be held responsible for the damages.

Maintenance workers do not work past 5:00pm unless it's an emergency. An Emergency work order is anything that is damaging to the structure of the property. The tenant is responsible for having an adult present for repairs. Maintenance men or not permitted to access property without an adult present in the home.

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