Survey: How do we make ends meet?

Piedmont workers are not paid enough. Help document how hard it is to get by on Piedmont's low wages by taking a short, anonymous survey. We will compile survey results to show that Piedmont -- a wholly owned subsidiary of American Airlines -- creates hardship for families and communities by maintaining such low pay. Piedmont should not be allowed to hide behind American Airlines to excuse its low pay -- these profitable companies should pay a living wage.
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Do you and your family rely on public assistance to help make ends meet? *
If yes, what type of public assistance do you rely on? (Check all that apply)
Do you have another job(s) to help you get by?
Do you have any comments to share about what you do to make sure you and your family have enough resources to get by? (For example, how do you pay for transportation to work? How do you afford child care? In general, how do you ensure all expenses are covered?)
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