Community Feedback Survey
We are looking for input from our community members and especially our parents. As you are probably aware, population numbers in our small rural communities continues to decline. As a result, the enrollment in our schools is declining as well. This combined with a lower activity participation rate sometimes makes it difficult for us to field full teams for athletics. These declining numbers also create some real challenges for some academic related programs as well. Cuba, Lewistown and Spoon River Valley school districts have continued discussions on how we can work together to offer our students opportunities on the playing fields as well as academic related areas. Please understand this is not a sign of moving forward on any of the items listed in this survey but rather an attempt to get input from our communities and parents that could be directly effected in the future directions we take with these activities. This same survey is going out in each school district in an effort to get an idea of the directions our further discussion should go. We value your input and thank you for taking the time to participate in this process.

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