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Winner Photo week One 'Loving Technology'
My kids collaborating in Google search to do some of their homework on vowel sound contrasts. Effective use of technology for learning must target kids in order to catch them young.
Winner Photo Week Two 'Hating Technology'
Hating technology?I walked into my office this morning and began my day by plugging in my laptop. It's gently aging so requires more regular charging, and I wanted to take advantage of campus wifi to run all the updates. By the time Daniela's email came through, I realised that my phone, my MP3 player (a cheapie so I can run or walk with it), and my tablet were all on my desk as well. I had five digital devices on my desk. Eeeeeeeeek! No wonder I feel overwhelmed sometimes. So why do I hate technology? Sometimes I think access to technology tends to make me a more passive consumer, rather than a creator, and I know creating makes me happier. Different people contacting me through different media on different devices contributes a lot to me feeling attention strain - where to look, to listen, how well, how long? Resolution for the day - one device at a time!
Winner Photo Week Three 'A window into eLearning'
My online Teacher training presentation(interactive) from UK by innovate use of Skype conferencing tool.Thus, two independent skype connections were made with one for my digital image while I share my screen with the other as projected.
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