We are open Mon-Thur 10am-9pm/Fri-Sat 10am-10pm/Sundays 12noon-8pm. We stop taking online/ phone orders at closing! If you are cancelling an order, you need to either call us or leave us a voicemail. Cancellations must be done within 10 minutes of placing your order and cannot be done by text message OR anytime we have already purchased your order.
What Restaurant Are We Going To? If you're not sure, choose one from our restaurant page. *
Restaurants that do not accept call-in orders are currently not available as a choice. For Restaurants we've had service issues in the past, we will not be able to give a time estimate for delivery.
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Special Requests/notes/pre-order information
If you have special dietary or allergy needs, you cannot use this form, you will have to call in your order to us.
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Address we are delivering to? *
Don't forget to include any room or apartment numbers and that your house number is CLEARLY VISIBLE from the road (hidden numbers may delay your order).
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City? *
No mileage charged if delivery is within Medford city limits. You can find mileage information by going to
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Phone Number *
Needed before we process your order. Be near your phone and make sure your voicemail box is empty in the event we need to leave a message. Your order may be delayed if we cannot contact you (phone number not correct).
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How will you pay for this order? *
If Email confirmation,add it here
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Delivery fee is $10 (TEN) dollars for all food purchases UNDER $50. Purchases (when totaled together, with other items/services) that EXCEED $50, the delivery charge is 25% of the food order. For a more positive delivery experience and to avoid the shock of a 25% charge, please keep your orders under the $50 limit. MILEAGE CHARGES: We charge mileage ANYTIME we leave Medford city limits and is added for each town we have to STOP at to complete your order. EXTRA STOPS: $5 is added to your order for each place you request us to go AFTER your FIRST stop is made (each place we enter is considered ONE stop - even if they are located next door to each other).
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