Khan-Fu Panda Mixed Martial Arts - Winter Session
Khan-Fu Panda MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) for kids will run for 4 months. Your child will deepen his or her understanding of techniques such as striking, kicking, punching, grappling, take-downs and other areas of self-defense. This is a beginner martial arts course with no prior experience necessary. The focus is on fun, while at the same time introducing the basic concepts of a variety of martial arts for self-defense. The program is set to build your child’s physical fitness, mental preparedness, confidence and instilling the esteemed values of the martial arts.

Instructors: Osaed & Aasiyah Khan
Dates: 3 month weekly (Sundays) program (Sunday, Jan. 31 - Sunday, April 24 | NO class Feb. 14th)
Boys: 9am - 10am / Ages: 4 - 9
Girls: 10am - 11am Ages 9 - 12
Location: Waverley Grand Mosque Gym
Fee: $80/child
(Pay only $75 if paid before Jan. 31st. Osaed will be available at the Grand Mosques on Sundays at 11am - Noon or contact to make arrangements. Will accept email payment.)

I recognize that Martial Arts exercise carries some risks of injury (sprains, strains) and the cardio-respiratory system (dizziness, discomfort in breathing, heart attack). I hereby certify that I know of no medical problem, which would increase my child’s risk of illness and injury as a result of participation in a regular martial arts program.By signing this consent form, I understand the risks and benefits my child may experience with exercise. I also waiver the responsibility of Osaed Khan and Aasiyah Khan if my child should incur any injury as a result of participating in a Martial Arts class.

- Khan-Fu Panda MMA is for children between the ages of 4 to 9 for boys and 9 to 12 for girls.
- The cost will be $75/child for a minimum of 10 sessions (starting Sunday , Jan. 31st)
- Will take place at the Grand Mosque Gym. Please arrive 10min before hand to come prepared to begin on time.
- Please pick up your child on time. Late pickups will result in a $5 MIA donation charge.

What to wear:
- athletic clothing with no zippers or buttons.
- no jewellery or wristbands
- expected to be bare feet during class.
- boys - long pants and short sleeve shirt is preferred.,
- girls - long pants and shirt is preferred. If girls wear hijab, No pins if possible.

Expectations of Children
- Khan-Fu Panda kids are expected to participate in lessons and activities.
- If there are behavior concerns the parents of the child will be consulted and if necessary the child will no longer be allowed to participate in the program.

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In case of emergency, permission is granted for our child to be taken to hospital by organizer to receive the medical care that they might need.
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I consent to the use of photographs or video footage of my child for use on the Manitoba Islamic Association website, in newsletters and different publications. I further understand that this consent may be withdrawn by me at anytime, upon written notice. I give this consent voluntarily.
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