MALDI TOF/TOF MS sample registration
Please, read these instructions before you prepare and submit the samples for MALDI TOF/TOF mass spectrometric analysis, in order to obtain reliable data. In case of any doubt please contact us at, with the email subject "MALDI TOF/TOF MS".
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Sample state, volumes, concentration ans solubility *
MALDI is a very sensitive technique, detecting the analyte up to atomolar range! Since not all substances can ionize equally efficiently, higher amounts are necessary. FOR SOLID/SUSPENSION SAMPLES: If your sample is not soluble in most common solvents, we can still analyze a suspension or in powder. Please submit at least 1 mg, or even more for easier and reliable data, specially for fragmentation pattern analysis. Samples FOR LIQUID SAMPLES: Please submit at least 50 µL of the sample solution at minimum 5 mg/mL and indicate if you need residual amount, storage conditions and the substance's photostability (laser is used for desorption and ionization, therefore, it is better to know for the selection of matrix used).
Presence of inorganic salts and potential contaminants *
MALDI is tolerant against the presence of inorganic salts (at physiological conditions) but avoid high salt concentrations and detergents (e.g. Tween 20, SDS or polymers, such as PEG or similar), as these originate high intensity signals, which dominate the spectra and signals from your compound might be suppressed. Please note that your spectrum will reflect the presence of H+, Na+ or K+ adducts, due to the ion formation mechanism. NOTE: If you cannot avoid any of these during the sample preparation, please indicate as detailed as possible the content/composition of the submitted sample.
Mixture of compounds *
A screening of sample composition/mixtures is also possible with MALDI, but if you have the presence of easily ionizable species in a mixture, at higher concentrations, it is better to isolate fractions and submit them individually. In the case that you are not able to do that, please indicate or you might wish to consult our operator at LC/MS.
Analysis type and objective *
Please, indicate what kind of service you need: do you need simply to confirm the purity of your sample, or you need a complete analysis, description and discussion for potential publication.
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