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Cooney $15
Cruse (full as of 4/4) $10
Janet St (behind Elk Mtn. Sports) $50 and $75
Jubilee (full as of 4/4)
Plymouth . $35 for 4'x10' (12'x20' are full).
Selma Held- $40 for 4'x12'. $65 for 20'x20'
6th Ward (all 4' wide) 8'-$25, 10'- $30, 12'-$35 , 14'-$40, 16'-$50, 22'-$60, 26'-$65, 32'-$70, 34'-$75 .
Waukesha- $100 for 20'x40'. 4 plots available
Bausch is not available until water and garden maintenance has been complete (late spring-early summer)
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Did you have a HCG Plot in 2017?
Would you like ADA wheelchair accessible garden beds?
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