Cranmere Primary - Registration form for school tours (for Reception joiners in 2021)
Cranmere Primary School, Arran Way, Esher, KY10 8BE. Telephone 020 8398 5580
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What day would you like to attend? All our tours are now conducted mainly from the outside of the building once the children have left, which means they will now start at 4:00pm (with the exception of Saturday 28th November, which is at 9am). We are sorry to say that we have to restrict places to one per family. We also ask that you wear face masks when you are touring the school. We have a maximum number of people on each tour, allocated on a first come, first served basis, so if we go over this number we may have to contact you to book on another day instead. Please ensure we have the correct contact details for you to enable us to do this. *
For our records, would you mind telling us how you heard about us? It would really help when we advertise our open days in future. *
Comments - Because of a reduced number of places available we are trying to limit tours to families who are looking for a Reception place in September. I'm sorry to say we are also restricting the tours to adults only and only one place per family. However, you can make a note here if you are looking for a place in Nursery, or any year group other than Reception. Also, if you would like to give us any additional contact details then you could put them in this box etc. Once you have submitted this form you will be automatically booked on the date you have chosen. We try and remind people shortly before the day itself, and if the event is oversubscribed we will be in touch beforehand about re-scheduling.
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