Custom FX Request Form
Just a little form to fill out if you want my help with whatever, will only take a second.
What service are you requesting?
Give a brief description on what you are request. I'll want more details when I contact about you about it, but this is just for me to get a picture, of what it is that you want..
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(Optional) Give more in-depth information to speed up the entire process. You can include things ranging from its colour to the shape or pattern. More info the better!
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Forum Name - (So I can contact you about it.)
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Skype ID - (Write N/A if don't use)
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Discord ID - (Write N/A if don't use)
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How difficult would you guess this job is?
What is it for? (SRP, Custom Replacer, Stuff like that)
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Is it a needed thing for RP, or is it just for custom like/dislike?
I uphold the right to accept or deny what ever jobs I choose. If your job is too complex I may turn it down, but this I doubt. Agreed?
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If I fail to notice this for whatever reason, after its been 3-7 days send me a email.
Thanks for taking the time to fill in this form.
Have an evil jumpgate thing I was working on as a reward. (I like this so sue me :P)
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