Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome Survey
The purpose of this form is to collect data about those who have experienced Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome. You may remain anonymous. If you have any questions about this survey, please email Alice Moon at
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What symptoms did you experience? *
How long did you have CHS before doctors discovered the problem? *
How long did your first "episode" with CHS last? *
An episode refers to when you were experiencing the symptoms. Example: Alice Moon threw up for 14 days - this was her first episode.
Have you quit cannabis completely? *
If you quit consuming, how long did your symptoms continue after you stopped using cannabis?
Example: Alice quit consuming and her symptoms continued for 14 days.
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If you went back to consuming cannabis after taking a break, did your symptoms come back? *
Were you hospitalized because of your symptoms? *
How many "episodes" of CHS have you experienced? *
An episode refers to when you were experiencing the symptoms. Example: Alice Moon threw up for 14 days - this was her first of three episodes.
What provided you with some relief when going through an episode? *
Did you try any of the following medications? *
If you answered yes to the previous question, did the medication provide relief? *
Did you have any adverse/negative side effects from the medicine(s) you took? If so, please describe:
Did you experience any of the following withdrawals when you quit cannabis: *
Do you currently use CBD? *
Did you ever use CBD? *
Has CBD triggered CHS for you? *
Did you feel the urge to run when going through an episode?
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Do you have mental or physical health conditions that existed before you experienced CHS? *
If yes, what conditions? *
Are you on medication? If yes, please list what medications and why. (Not required)
Were you using cannabis for medicinal purposes? If yes, please share why. (Not Required)
Have you had your gallbladder unnecessarily removed? *
What do you believe is the cause of CHS? *
Have you told anyone that you have CHS? *
If you have told people about CHS, what were their reactions?
How much money have you spent out of pocket on medical bills related to CHS? *
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How has your life changed since being diagnosed with CHS?
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