"CIDE-NET" Project Survey
The Survey is being conducted in the framework of "Creative and Innovation Driven Enterprises’ Network - CIDE NET" project.
The project is being implemented within the frame of Interreg Balkan Mediterranean Programme and is co- funded by the European Union and national funds of the participating countries.

The scope of the survey is to identify the enterprises' needs and define obstacles as regards Innovation and Creativity. The conclusions of the survey will be used for the development of an Innovation Training & Mentoring Program.
All interested companies' representatives will be able to have access to it either in the form of e-learning or in the form of blended learning which will be accompanied by customized mentoring support.

Thank you in advance for your precious time devoted for answering the questionnaire.
All replies will remain anonymous and will be treated with confidentiality by authorized personnel only.

1. Respondent’s country of origin *
2. In which of the following activities does your enterprise operate mainly? *
3. How many people does your company employ *
4. Can you please indicate whether you Agree or Disagree with the following statements? *
1. Strongly disagree
2. Disagree somewhat
3. Neither agree nor disagree
4. Agree somewhat
5. Strongly agree
1. Innovation is not the same as invention
2. “Innovation” in how an enterprise is organised, is equally important with innovation in the production of products or services
3. "Innovation”, in an enterprise, should be responsibility of the technical staff and researchers only
4. Creativity is a prerequisite of Innovation
5. Is your enterprise engaged in Innovation activities of any of the following four types and to what extent? *
Product innovation: A product innovation is the market introduction of a new or significantly improved good or service with respect to its capabilities, user friendliness, components or sub-systems. Product innovations (new or improved) must be new to your enterprise, but they do not need to be new to your market.Product innovations could have been originally developed by your enterprise or by other enterprises or institutions. Process innovation: Process innovation is the implementation of a new or significantly improved production process, distribution method, or supporting activity. Organisational innovation: An organisational innovation is a new organisational method in your enterprise's business practices (including knowledge management), workplace organisation or external relations that has not been previously used by your enterprise. Marketing innovation: Marketing innovation refers to the implementation of a new marketing method that includes significant changes in the design or packaging of products, their positioning, promotion or pricing.
1. No
2. Yes, very little
3. Yes, moderately
4. Yes, a lot
1. Product innovation
2. Processes innovation
3. Organisational innovation
4. Marketing innovation
6. How important is each of the following factors as an obstacle or constraint to more intensive innovation activity by your enterprise? *
1. Insignificant
2. Rather insignificant
3. Neither significant nor insignificant
4. Rather significant
5. Very significant
1. Strong price competition
2. Strong competition on product quality, reputation or brand
3. Lack of demand
4. Innovations by competitors
5. Dominant market share held by competitors
6. Lack of adequate finance
7. High cost of access to new markets
8. High cost of meeting government regulations or legal requirements
9. Lack of qualified technical personnel
10. Lack of qualified innovation oriented personnel
7. To the extent that “qualified personnel” is important for your enterprise’s continuing and/or intensified innovation activity, what should be its main skills? *
1. Insignificant
2. Rather insignificant
3. Neither significant nor insignificant
4. Rather significant
5. Very significant
1. To be able to distinguish between innovation and inventions and between types of innovation suitable for the enterprise
2. To be able to promote "Innovation culture" within the company
3. To be able to think and act creatively
4. To know how to identify opportunities for innovation and conduct “cost – benefit” analyses
5. To be knowledgeable of sources of funding for innovation and funding related procedures
6. To be able to communicate with other employees and develop synergies
7. To be able to communicate with the enterprise’s Management and promote innovation Proposals
8. To know how to monitor and evaluate the results of innovation
9. To be able to network with other enterprises (national and/or foreign) and negotiate joint innovation initiatives
10. To know how Intellectual Property Rights may be protected
8. Given that, as it is generally believed, certain types of training programmes could contribute to upgrading staff skills and innovation- related skills in particular, indicate whether you agree or disagree with the following statements? *
1. Strongly disagree
2. Disagree somewhat
3. Neither agree nor disagree
4. Αgree somewhat
5. Strongly agree
1. The initiative for such programmes should be taken by the Government
2. The initiative for such programmes should be taken by Enterprises’ Collective Organisations (e.g. Associations, Chambers of Commerce, etc.)
3. The initiative for such programmes should be taken by the enterprises themselves
4. Training should consist of both theoretical and applied Parts.
5. Good Practices and “learning from others” are effective training methods.
6. Training should be combined with mentoring
7. Training sessions must be periodically repeated
8. Enterprises should set up their own Innovation Departments
9. Employees attending such Innovation promotion- related training will have their overall performance improved and this should be regarded as sufficient incentive for them to actively participate
10. Face to face training must be combined with other forms of training that could facilitate flexibility as regards attendance (e.g. synchronous and asynchronous e-learning, studying of case studies over the Internet, etc.)
9. Would you be interested to participate in CIDE NET training sessions organised in your country (e.g. blended learning, customized mentoring services, etc.)? *
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