FYR is LIT Inquiry Form for Tutees
The questions below help us understand where your child is coming from and how we can best support them during the tutor partnership. If possible, please do fill it out with the child who is signing up for tutoring, it should take about 10-15 minutes.
Child's first name *
Child's last name *
Child's date of birth *
Child's current grade in school *
What is the name of the school the child attends? *
What is the relationship between the person filling out this form and the child? *
What is the name of the person submitting this form? *
What is the email address of the person submitting this form? *
Briefly explain the biggest concern you or the child have regarding their literacy? *
Is there any family history (learning styles, experiences in school etc.) that would be helpful for us to know about while tutoring this child?
What are the child's interests? *
Check all academic habits that this child has. *
Please describe this child's reading habits. *
What two goals do you and the child have for the six sessions with FYR is LIT? *
Please feel free to share any additional information below. *
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