Hempcrete Survey
This survey is aimed at those working for UK built heritage organisations, amenity societies or government bodies involved in the conservation of historic buildings. The aim of this research is to determine the extent to which hempcrete has been used in historic buildings across the UK to date, identify any potential barriers in the planning system, and establish examples of good and bad practice. This survey consists of 12 short questions and should not take longer than 10 minutes to complete.

Thank you very much for participating in this study. Please read and confirm the below:
I understand that I do not have to take part, and that even if I agree to participate now, I can withdraw at any time or refuse to answer any question without any consequences. I can withdraw permission to use information I have provided within two weeks, in which case the material will be deleted. I have had the purpose and nature of the study explained to me in writing (please see the accompanying Information Sheet, here: http://shorturl.at/nCPXZ) and I have the opportunity to ask questions about the study (see contacts below). I understand that participation involves providing information about my experience of the use of hempcrete in historic buildings in the United Kingdom. I understand that I will not benefit directly from participating in this research. I understand that all information I provide for this study will be treated confidentially and any report on the results of this research my identity will remain anonymous. This will be done by changing my name and disguising any details of my interview which may reveal my identity or the identity of people I speak about. I understand that surveys will be retained electronically until January 2022. I understand that under freedom of information legalisation I am entitled to access the information I have provided at any time while it is in storage as specified above. I understand that I am free to contact any of the people involved in the research to seek further clarification and information:

Laura Long, University of York (Researcher): ll1768@york.ac.uk;
Louise Cooke, University of York (Research Supervisor) louise.cooke@york.ac.uk
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