What is your Festival like?
30th Jewish Culture Festival in Cracow – we want to know how you see us.

The Festival keeps changing and so do its participants. The aim of this survey is to better get to know you – your opinions – and the way in which you cocreate the Festival with us.  

The survey contains closed single-choice and multiple-choice questions, as well as open questions. We will be especially grateful if you answer the open questions – this will allow us to better understand your experience.
Completing the survey should take about 15 – 20 minutes. The survey is completely anonymous.

Thank you!

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Your gender (you can also write: “I do not want to answer this question”) *
What is your age? *
Where do you live? *
If you want, please write exactly where you come from (it could be a district, a city, a country etc.)
Who are you? You can include any information you think is important – this will help us to get to know you better. (If you want, you can state, e.g. your education, profession, ethnicity, nationality, religion, worldview, hobbies, interests etc.) *
Do you participate in this year’s Festival events? *
Could you state the reason why you chose this form of participation in the Festival, or why you do not participate?
How long do we know each other? *
Do you remember in which past editions of the Festival you participated? (We know that memory often fails us, so you can just write down what you remember from past editions, mention an important event, a Festival poster etc.)
In what events did you take part in during the past editions of the Festival? (If this is your first time at the Festival, feel free to skip this question)
Shalom on Szeroka
lectures / discussions / meetings
walking tours
online events
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In what Festival events are you going to take / have you taken part this year? *
I am not sure, but probably not
I do not know yet
I am not sure, but probably yes
lectures / discussions / meetings
walking tours
film screenings
Morning Papers
Sh’virat Ha-Kelim. Scattered Sparks of Jewish Music
Literary Program
Zachor – ceremony commemorating Krakow Jews
Shabbat Brunch with live music
Workshop for Seniors
online events
If you took part in this year’s Festival events, please describe your experience:
Who do you most like to spend your Festival time with? *
with people I meet at Fesival
We are going to ask you questions regarding online events. Please select all the answers you agree with: *
If you have some comments regarding online events, please share your opinion with us:
We will be glad if you share with us the reasons for your participation in the Festival and your experience. Please tell us what makes you cocreate this event? We are also happy to hear criticism, what is something that we could have done better?
We would also like to know why you participate in concrete events, what attracts you do them, what do you expect from them, what do they give you? We will be grateful, if you describe one event which sticks out in your memory.
What is your perception of Jewish culture? What does it mean to you? How would you describe Jewish culture based on Festival events?
Have you taken part in educational walking tours organized by the Festival? If you have, please share your experience with us. Do you remember who your guide was and what the topic of the tour was? What did you learn? What emotions or reflections can you remember?
We are also interested in whether Kazimierz is an important place for you and, if so, why? What memories or events come to mind when you think of it (they need not be related to the Festival)?
If, after feeling in the survey, you feel that there is something more that you want to share with us, we have left some blank space for you to write it down.
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