2021 PAT Rep Training
Thank you for your interest in our Building Rep Training, being offered this fall. We are offering four modules on the fundamentals of Rep training and four modules on Racial Equity for Reps. We will be offering some advanced course over the year, so if you are a more seasoned Rep, please keep an eye out for notice about these advanced offerings.

All Rep training in the month of September will be held virtually. We are hopeful that by October we will be able to hold trainings in person at the PAT office, but cannot confirm whether that will be possible yet. Please stay tuned for updates.
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Rep Training Topics
Rep Training Topics

Fundamentals 1
In this workshop  you will:
- Gain an overview of the rights and responsibilities of being a rep
- Develop a better understanding of who and what the PAT is
- Be introduced to some fundamental skills needed to be an effective Rep
- Gain an understand the legal rights & responsibilities of being a union rep

Fundamentals 2
In this workshop  you will:
- Develop a better understanding of what is in the PAT contract
- Learn what a grievance is and how to do the basics of investigating and writing grievances
- Learn some fundamentals for representing members in a meeting with admin
- Gain a better understanding of the role the rep plays in maintaining strong building-level organization with members (e.g. making sure everyone is a PAT member, gathering contact info, creating and making the most of your 1:10 communication structure at your site)

Fundamentals 3
In this workshop  you will:
- Build on your knowledge of representing members in a meeting, with an expanded focus on investigatory and evaluation meetings
- Know how to effectively gather information and the facts of a grievance or disciplinary case, know when and how to coordinate with UniServ, know how to interview other members as needed, take notes in meeting with admin
- Be capable of representing a member in a meeting in a primary role (e.g. grievance meetings)
- Understand the key legal aspects to remember, timelines, and how to coordinate with UniServs
- Get a chance to practice on more in-depth advocacy issues, including role-playing meetings with admin

Fundamentals 4
In this workshop  you will:
- Understand how to identifying Grievances vs. Organizing Issues
- Learn how to turning an issue into campaign (turn up the heat and campaign mountain)
-Learn and practice how to have organizing conversations with your colleagues

5-Part Racial Equity Rep Training

Racial Justice 1: History of Race and Racism in the US, Oregon, and PPS (Foundation and Framework)
Racial Justice 2: Race and the Labor Movement and the Role of Our Union Promoting Racial Justice
Racial Justice 3: Dealing with Admins and PPS
Racial Justice 4: Issues within School Community
Racial Justice 5: Addressing Issues with Colleagues

Sign up below for any of our upcoming PAT Rep Trainings.
In-person trainings will be limited to 25 participants.
TENTATIVE: Thursday, November 18th 4:30-6:30: Fundamentals #3 Representing a Member (Save the date and check back later to sign up)
(Save the date and check back later to sign up)
TENTATIVE: Thursday, December 2nd 4:30-6:30: Racial Justice #3 Promoting Racial Justice: Dealing with Admins and PPS
(Save the date and check back later to sign up)
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