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By submitting this form you will be added to the interview wait list. The current wait is 8 months or more for a socialization interview. Yes, the wait really is that long. We stay consistently busy and we limit how many dogs we care for on a daily basis to prevent overcrowding. Thanks for understanding.

***There is a $50 non refundable fee for socialization interviews. You will need to pay for your interview slot in advance at the time it is scheduled. A confirmation email will be sent to you only after payment has been received.***

We will email you when interview slots become available, however these spots are limited and open up rarely. Interviews are only scheduled at 12:15pm Monday-Wednesday and on occassion Fridays. We do not schedule interviews on weekends. Please work with your dog on these things so he/she is ready for the interview: name recognition/recall, sit, stay.

If you have recently adopted or rescued an adult dog whose complete history is unknown to you please wait a minimum of 3 months before joining this list and allow yourself time to get to know your pup and vouch for their behavior.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: Socialization begins in puppyhood. Dogtown offers large group play and lots of cage free time for your pup to play, hang out, nap, and get loved on by Dogtown Humans. We are not socialization magicians. We look for the best in each pup, but if your young or adult pup is having big problems with other dogs at home or at the dog park then they will probably have those same big problems at daycare and ultimately Dogtown won't be a good fit for them. Please be vigilant about your representation of you dog.

***We DO NOT offer "one and done" boarding. Boarding is a service that we only offer to dogs in our daycare program because we love our pups. If you only need dog boarding every now and then there are plenty of other great places in town where you can take your pup. We ask that you seek out their services instead so that we can focus on setting up interviews for dogs who want to join our daycare program.***

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Is your dog spayed/neutered?
If NO, when do you plan to have your dog spayed/neutered? We do not accept unaltered adult dogs in our daycare program.
Dogtown requires all dogs be spayed/neutered by 6 months of age unless your vet requires that you wait longer.
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Please note that we only offer boarding to our daycare dogs! We don't make exceptions regarding this rule.
Which days are you interested in attending daycare on a regular basis? ***Our Wednesday roster is indefinitely full.***
Our Wednesday roster is indefinitely full. We do not offer daycare Saturday or Sunday.
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*If a current and/or former Dogtown client told you how awesome we are please let us know! It matters!
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