Application for Use of Randolph County Emergency Services Facility
PLEASE NOTE: Submitting this form indicates that you have read and agreed to the meeting room rules and regulations.
Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Meeting Room Priority and Scheduling
Randolph County Emergency Services events have priority. When scheduling conflicts exist, priority will be given to Randolph County Emergency Services. This room is the County designated Emergency Operations Center (EOC), subject to activate and operate with little notice. If an emergency arises that impacts Randolph County, all reservations will be cancelled. We will do our best to notify groups immediately if there is a cancellation due to an emergency activation, however, there may be cases where this is not possible. In progress meetings are subject to be cancelled due to unexpected emergencies.

The meeting room may not be reserved on an on-going or automatic recurring basis (example: the first Friday of every month). If your agency meets on a consecutive regular basis, you may submit a new request after your last meeting.

Permission to use the facility does not imply endorsement of the organization or approval of the program contents by Randolph County Emergency Services or Randolph County.

Meeting Room Rules and Regulations
The EOC may only be used for government, educational, community, and non-profit organization functions. Meeting room use is not intended for individuals.

The EOC is not available for commercial activities such as selling items, gathering names for future mailings, and educational seminars by commercial companies or for raising money for an organization.

All applicable fire and building codes must be followed. Room Capacity shall not exceed 150 people for the EOC and no more than 10 persons in the EOC Conference Room. The room has enough tables and chairs for 70 people.

All meetings must have someone at least 18 years or older who is responsible for the participants attending.

No activities are allowed which create noise or which disturbs the normal business operations of the Department.

The use of open flame or candles in the EOC is prohibited.

The electrical capacity of equipment use should not exceed circuit limits. This must be cleared with an Emergency Services representative.

Do not affix anything to the walls or glass in the room (including self-adhesive paper and tape).

No signs may be posted inside or outside the EOC premises without permission of an Emergency Services representative.

The Randolph County Emergency Services Headquarters is a secure facility with multi-tiered access control. Emergency Services staff must be on site to open gates and doors and allow general access. For that reason, meeting rooms may be reserved during regular business hours only, generally Monday-Friday 8:00AM-5:00PM with the exception of holidays (to see a list visit Meeting attendees will not be allowed inside the secure area prior to these hours. Meetings scheduled outside of regular business hours must be approved by the Emergency Services Chief.

Monetary Solicitation
Meetings/events must be without charge unless the Chief of Emergency Services authorizes admission fee in advance. The seeking of donations is prohibited. Nothing may be sold on the premises nor may orders for items be taken.
Room set-up and Equipment
The EOC meeting space will be set up in classroom style. If you choose to move furniture, you are responsible to put items back in that manner.

Technical Services or other staff will provide minimal tech support. Our system does not interface with Apple® products. Visitors must provide their own computer(s).

Do not touch TV monitors.

Each organization must clean up the meeting room and return it to the condition in which it was found.

Emergency Services will not care for or store any organization’s materials and will not take responsibility for materials left by an organization.

Food and Beverages
Alcoholic beverages, smoking, and other tobacco use, to include vape products, are prohibited in all meeting rooms.

Food and drink are permitted but will be allowed only with advance notice.

The arrangements for food delivery are solely the responsibility of the applicant.

In addition, it is the applicant’s responsibility to handle set up and cleanup of the room.

All trash, garbage and recyclables must be placed in the appropriate containers.

All tables must be cleaned with provided products.

No refrigerator or freezer are available onsite for food storage. Please bring your own ice and cooler.

Revocation of Use
Emergency Services staff reserves the right to revoke permission to use the facility to any group or organization which violates or refuses to comply with these rules and regulations.
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