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This registration is for full and discerning OSL members who are looking to join an online OSL healing community. Most people will join an online community if there is not an OSL community in their geographic region or they are unable to make in-person meetings. We want all OSL members to be connected to a healing community!  

If you are a new OSL member, please start by signing up to take "The 26 Healing Miracles of Jesus: The Foundational Study of OSL" instead of completing this form.  Go to osltoday.org, click on "Find Healing", and choose "26 Healing Miracles Classes" from the drop down menu.  

Please do not request to join an online healing community while you are taking "The 26 Healing Miracles of Jesus: The Foundational Study of OSL".  Please wait until after you have completed the course.  You may, however, be concurrently participating in an in-person OSL healing community while taking the 26 healing miracles course.  

As Christians who are members of OSL we recognize only one source of healing: the triune God (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) who perfectly revealed his healing power in Jesus Christ, the Son of God, our Lord and Savior.  OSL affirms the medical and behavioral health ministries, as they are also instruments in which God’s healing power is manifest.  

If you would like to join OSL, please go to osltoday.org.

Thank you!  
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