Colver Presbyterian Church Feedback Survey
You have probably heard that our pastor has taken a new position. As we are going through a time of discernment and transition, the session of the church has many decisions to make. In order to make better informed decisions, we would like your feedback for us to consider when trying to figure out a direction for the church. We want your feedback regardless of whether you are an active member of our church or another church or if you don't currently attend a church but live in town. Please respond by June 30, 2017.
Everyone, please answer...
Demographic Information... Do you live in Colver?
Are you a member of the Colver Presbyterian Church?
Do you regularly attend a church service somewhere?
What type of worship leader would you prefer?
When looking for a minister, please list the following in order of importance to you. A=Good sermons; B=visits/pastoral care; C=evangelism/church growth; D= working with children
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What types of activities would you be interested in participating in?
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What do you look for in a church?
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How can we help the community of Colver?
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If you would like to talk with a member of the Colver session any further about these questions or the questions below, please leave us your name and contact information, and a member of the session will get back to you.
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For members of the Colver Presbyterian Church...
We currently have a partnership with the Ebensburg Presbyterian Church. Should we continue the partnership?
If we do not partner with anyone, what type of position would you prefer?
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