bits & bobs - Amelie, Asia, Jess
We will be selling a few bits & bobs, but one of our main things is an ice-cream stand where you can choose your own toppings and flavours etc.

we hope you come to our store : )
1. How much money are you bringing to market day? *
2. What flavour ice-cream would you like? *
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3. Can you eat dairy products/ are you lactose intolerant? *
4. What would you like your ice-cream to be served in? *
5. What toppings would you like on your ice-cream? *
6. Which lemonade would you like? *
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7. Which style of jewellery would you want? *
8. Which type of material would you like your charm to be on? *
9. Which charms would you like on your jewellery? *
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