Application 2020 - ReGeneration 2030 Summit
Welcome to the application for the ReGeneration 2030 Summit 2020!
It will be held on 22-24 August on the Åland Islands under the theme:

What can we as individuals and as a group do? How can we assemble our efforts, cooperate and combine the knowledge of different generations? Let's move into action and carry out our commitments!

The application form below is open between 16 March- 12 April 2020.*

Our main target participants for the Summit are young people 15-29 years old of the Nordic and Baltic Sea regions*.
We want to create an intergenerational dialogue and therefore we also welcome actors of all ages from the regions* to come and make a difference with us. So no matter your age or background, fill out the form!

In the selection process, we look at a combination of interest, engagement and motivation. We also aim to have as much diversity among the participants as possible and that each country and autonomous region is as equally represented as possible.

Attendance of the whole Summit is required to participate.

*The regions include: Denmark, Estonia, The Faroe Islands, Finland, Germany, Greenland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Russia, Sweden and the Åland Islands.

*We hope that the severe problems in society linked to the novel coronavirus COVID-19 will be solved when we have our summit and if not, we will transform the summit and have a digital summit instead.

If you have questions, please use the contact form on our website:
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I live in: *
If you live in or are active in several countries, you may tick multiple boxes. If you do not live or are active in any of the countries below, you may unfortunately not apply.
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I can participate during all three days of the Summit, 22-24 August *
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Please describe why you would like to attend and how you would like to contribute to the development of ReGeneration 2030.
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My prior knowledge of or experience with Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) *
Prior knowledge is not necessary to participate.
What are you engaged in, where you could have an impact for SDGs?
My interest area(s) in sustainable development is/are: *
After the Summit, I wish to engage or continue my engagement in sustainable development in the following way: *
Describe your ideas for your future engagement, what you wish to get out of the Summit and how you wish to continue when you come back home.
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For the travel and housing costs: *
Participation in the Summit is free but ReGeneration 2030 does not have the possibility to cover the housing and travel costs for the participants. For those unable to cover these costs, we urge you to get in touch with local actors in your region such as organisations, regions, ministries, embassies, funds etc. who may be willing to cover your costs. In some cases, we may be able to help you to get in touch with such actors or partners able to cover some costs.
I am interested in the following type of housing: *
Although ReGeneration 2030 is not able to cover the participants' housing costs, we will give information about different options at different price and comfort levels to those who wish.
I have the following dietary restrictions:
Your answer here will not affect your application but will help us in the organisation of the Summit.
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Optional: I would also like to organise a workshop or be a facilitator or volunteer:
If you wish to organise a workshop, please describe what kind of workshop, under which theme and what experience you have with this. If you wish to work at the Summit (non-remunerated) as a facilitator or volunteer, let us know below.
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