SDSU Funding for International Students
COVID-19 pandemic impact financial relief
This form is used to report your information to San Diego State University, as an international student who qualifies for SDSU's independently secured funding for COVID-19 pandemic impact financial relief. You should have received an email that indicated you were eligible.

This form will be used to verify your identity and reported information before processing of your relief payment of $239. Please answer all questions completely.

For inquiries about disbursement of funds, contact:

For other questions about this survey, contact:
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SDSU is providing this funding as a support due to COVID-19 economic hardship. How would you like to receive your COVID-19 payment of $239? *
Current class level at SDSU *
Are you currently enrolled at SDSU for the spring semester? *
If you are not currently enrolled, on what day did you withdraw? (If you are still enrolled, please answer 5/22/2020) *
Do you intend to enroll at SDSU in Summer 2020? (Note: Summer 2020 enrollment is optional.) *
Do you intend to enroll at SDSU in Fall 2020? *
If you will not enroll for fall, do you need help completing a leave of absence request? *
If you will not enroll for fall, what is the main reason why are you not returning? *
If you will not enroll for fall, do you plan to return in Spring 2021 or a future semester? *
What is your current location? *
What are your housing plans for the fall? *
Do you plan to leave the United States for any reason during the summer 2020 (including Mexico)? *
SDSU and the International Student Center continue to work to support you in the best ways possible. Please select areas that you would like more support and communication on:
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