Council has initiated a committee to look at the Organizational Structure of our church. One of the items council is studying is the number of office bearers and the number of home visits they make and the number of meetings they are committed to attend. We are looking for ways to streamline this and seek your input. The current structure is set up for 15 elders, 8 deacons and 2 pastors for a total of 25 council members. These numbers are driven by the size of our church membership and correspond to the number of districts. We would appreciate your completing the following anonymous survey. While comments are optional, we appreciate any comments you make to assist us in our decision making.
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In the last 5 yrs, circle the number of home visits you have received from an elder *
Do you find your elder visits to be meaningful?
Do you find your elder visits to be encouraging?
Do you find your elder visits to be informative?
Do you find your elder visits to be pastoral?
Would you prefer to have 1 elder visit every two years?
Would you consider the option of not having a yearly home visit if you are part of a small group?
DEACON VISIT: If you have receive a deacon visit, have you found your deacon visits to be meaningful?
Visits by deacons have been made to all widows and widowers at Christmas, as well as to seniors over 75 on their birthdays.
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Do you agree with forming a Seniors Visiting Team made up of members from the congregation to visit seniors to assist both elders and deacons(reducing the number of visits for elders/deacons)?
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Any additional thoughts or comments you would like to make?
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