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Thank you for participating in my market research panel, I am planning something new and exciting. Your valuable feedback will help me successfully launch a dress of the month box!
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BX Peplum
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My first round will be a dress with options for you to choose from 1) color* 2)sleeve options 3)pocket options for one inclusive price with your subscription.You will have a limited time to choose each month before a default is chosen for you (1/2 sleeve and no pockets), and will ship out for the month ahead of time (i.e. Pay in January, and receive box for February). *You may also choose a uniform color as an unlisted option for your box any time of the year.
Thank you so much for taking the time to fill this out!
I will award each person who's completed this survey 100 rewards points.
I am looking to launch this subscription in January.

My vision for this box is to delivery value and happiness every month and for the first 25 subscribers, you'll be a part of the inner circle that gets exclusive first looks and weigh in on color options and designs that make this box the best subscription for your littles!

If you have any questions, please let me know.
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