SK Teal Bursary Application
SK TEAL is pleased to provide up to two annual bursaries of $600. The bursary may be awarded to further education in the area of teaching EAL in the K-12 school system in Saskatchewan. New applicants, along with those demonstrating leadership and contributions in EAL will be prioritized. Bursary recipients will be notified shortly after March 31st.

To be eligible for a bursary, an applicant must:
1. hold an STF teaching certificate or be enrolled in the College of Education in Saskatchewan
2. be enrolled or about to enroll in a provincially recognized post-secondary institution or enrolled to take equivalent TESL classes which will further their education or professional development in the K-12 TEAL community in Saskatchewan
3. be a current SK TEAL member
4. demonstrate that other sources of funding do not cover required expenses
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Please give examples of leadership you have shown in the area of EAL as well as any contributions to EAL you have provided to students in schools and the educational community. *
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