MidoriCon Volunteer Submission
Whoa! Look at you! Great attitude, willing spirit, nice set of brains: we're on the lookout for heroes like you every day!

"Hero" is an appropriate word for this area. Volunteering is the first step in a journey to a whole other world inside MidoriCon at large. The real magic happens behind the scenes and is made of hard workers, adaptive minds, and creative spirits. Many staff members were once volunteers, just like you're applying to be right now.

If you're wondering what makes a great volunteer, well buddy, have we got a list for you!
- An open mind
- Willingness to adapt (and willingness in general. Talk about a top tier quality!)
- A team-oriented mindset
- A penchant for open communication
- Ability to assist in problem solving
- A humble and optimistic attitude
- A love of learning
- Kindness and respect of self and others
- An ambition to complete tasks successfully

It takes a lot of hands to make an event like MidoriCon run smoothly, and even more hearts to put in the care that it deserves. If you're ready to volunteer for adventure, head below!

Looking for the Perks of Volunteering for our Mighty Fandom Vision?
There's certainly rewards for your time when you're stepping up to our heroic standard. Volunteers have access to our staff's ready room, where water and snacks will be available. The opportunity to become a member of the MidoriCon staff after a year of volunteer work is also possible.

How much time are you going to need to put in to gain that sweet, sweet experience?

- 8 hours of work will get you an exclusive MidoriCon T-shirt.
- 16 hours of work will get your badge reimbursed for the amount that you paid for it.

So Do You Have What it Takes?
You just might! Take a look at our qualifications to make sure you can measure up:

- Must be at least 18 years old.
- Must be able to handle up to 4 hours of work in one shift.
- Must be able to arrange transportation to and from MidoriCon.

Sound good? If so, let's get to know you!

Tell Us About Yourself!
The MidoriCrew is a familial bunch! We feel like family and want you to, as well. Introduce yourself, friend!
What is your full name? (as shown on your ID) *
Your answer
Is there something else you'd like us to call you? (Nickname? Social media handle? New name? We don't want to deadname you, friend!)
Your answer
Tell us about your favorite fandom! What are some of the reasons you love it so much?
Your answer
If you could recommend one book to read to us, what would it be?
Your answer
On a scale of 1 to 5, how hard of a worker would you say you are? *
I'm a little lazy, tbh
Call me Mitochondria: I'm an absolute powerhouse
On a scale of 1 to 5, how familiar are you with being behind the scenes of an event? *
I've never worked one!
I've volunteered or staffed many cons!
On a scale of 1 to 5, how well would you say you handle stress? *
Not Well
I'm Cucumber Cool
On a scale of 1 to 5, how well would you say you take directions? *
What are directions?
At an event, would you consider yourself more of an introvert or an extrovert? *
What time of the day are you most active? *
Pleasure to Meet You!
Now that we know a little about you, let's get into some of the contact basics that we'll need to get in touch with you. Communication before and during the event is important! Make sure the methods you provide are reliable (like *you* will be, right? ;D ).
E-mail address? *
Your answer
Cell phone number you can be reached at during convention hours? *
Your answer
Would you be willing to FaceTime or Skype with our Volunteer Directors so they can get to know you better before the convention? *
Are you familiar with Discord? *
Let's Get Technical!
We're about to tighten down some of the nuts and bolts of where you might fit into our convention! Scheduling well is a lifesaver, and we want to make sure we've got the right details from you to do things right. Every hand counts!
Do you have any particular Technical/Medical/Security specializations? If so, please elaborate here. If not, leave blank.
Your answer
Do you have any medical conditions or disabilities that we need to be aware of? If so, elaborate. If not, leave blank.
Your answer
Are you comfortable working later shifts (up until 1 AM)? *
When do you plan on arriving to the convention? *
Which day will you be able to come to a Volunteer Orientation? *
What is your standard adult t-shirt size? *
One More Thing...
Please remember that volunteers must be 18 years or older at the time of the convention and must have pre-registered for MidoriCon. We highly suggest pre-registering online early to save money!

*Be forewarned, if you prove unreliable at any point during the event, MidoriCon staff reserves the right to reduce hours or end your volunteer commission, which will include removal of reimbursement possibility. You'll be acting as a friendly, helping aid to those that need you during your scheduled hours, so please do act appropriately.*

And most importantly: we want you familiar with our policies! A little respect goes a long way - you'll be a part of what makes MidoriCon the vacation oriented fandom retreat that people look forward to all year. Let's protect the community from any skullduggery and give them the best show possible!

You've read and agreed to our MidoriCon Rules & Membership Policies. *
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