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Use this Web form to schedule a library instruction session for your HWC courses.

Sessions will be held in the library classroom, 501k, which is located two right turns inside of the HWC Library. Please have your students go directly to the library classroom at the designated time of the session.

Please complete this form for each session that you are requesting.

If you have questions please contact the librarians using the "Contact Us" link on (under "Contact Information" on the right-hand side) or phone us at 3/5784.

Due to staffing issues, we ask that your requested dates ** not be within 14 days ** of the date that we receive your request. We will try to make exceptions when they are possible.

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We find it very helpful to receive your students' relevant assignment information (especially where it pertains to research, source requirements, and/or citation guidelines). Please provide us with as much information as you can. Alternatively, please send attached relevant assignment or syllabus docs to, or to John Kieraldo, as soon as you complete this form, or at least 14 days in advance of your students' library session.
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