SoundGirls Application to staff/provide interns for female led events.

SoundGirls is happy to create an internship program for your event. Internships that provide hands on work experience is crucial to helping our members succeed. We look forward to working with you. Ability to staff your event for free is based on our memberships interest in volunteering and location. Your event will need to supervise interns. Our interns should be working in sound and gaining work experience. They should not be used as general event volunteers.

Please keep in mind that events we do staff are provided by our members volunteering their time and talent. The lead roles are filled by women with several years of experience in live event sound and usually on average receive a day rate between $300 to $750. They will help organize production needs and lead our interns.

If you have a budget and would like to hire women for production roles, sound A1 and A2, stage patch and stagehands or need equipment. Please visit

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