HR Benchmark Survey
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1. Which title of the following closely matches your job title? (pick one) *
2. What is the title of the most senior HR role in your organization? *
3. Who does the most senior HR person in your company directly report to? *
4. How long have you worked in HR? *
5. How long have you been with your current company? *
6. Which best describes your HR responsibility? *
7. How many team members do you have within the HR organization including you? *
8. How many HR team members are your direct reports?
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9. Which activities does the HR team oversee? (select all that apply) *
10. Which of these challenges is a primary BUSINESS FOCUS of your organization over the next 6 months? (please select top 3) *
11. From the perspective of the EXECUTIVE TEAM, how important is the HR function to the business success of your company? *
12. How do you mostly measure HR’s impact on the success of your Company? *
13. Which KPIs Metrics and Data HR do you track and report to management? (please answer all rows)
Track and report Annually
Track and report Quarterly
Track and report monthly
Aware of, but not tracking
Don’t know
Career path ratio
Salary Change
Absenteeism rates
Time to Fill
Time to Hire
Quality of hire
Employee growth rate
Pay Gap
Salary range penetration
Salary Average
Gender diversity ratio
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14. What was the overall HR budget this year not including HR headcount costs? *
15. Next year, will the HR budget in your organization decrease, stay the same or increase?
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16. What tools/software are included in your existing HR TECH solutions? (select all that apply)
17. What additional software/tools are you planning to add to your HR TECH solutions? (select all that apply) *
18. When evaluating adding a new HR platform/solution, which are the top 3 areas of HR you will prioritize? (please select top 3) *
19. When evaluating an HR platform/solution, what are the top 3 considerations that will impact your decision making process? (please select top 3) *
20. What areas of the world does your company have sites in? (select all that apply) *
21. How many sites altogether does your company operate in? *
22. What percentage of your employees work remotely or in a hybrid WFH/WFO arrangement? *
23. How big is the company you work for in all locations? *
24. What industry is your company in? *
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