Sub-team Applications
Concrete Canoe is dividing up our general members into sub-teams so members can spend more time learning within a specific team! Read the sub-team descriptions below and let us know what sub-team you're interested in joining:

Concrete Design: Designs the concrete mix to find the best mix of components that complies with competition rules. You'll learn about the different components of our concrete mix (ie. cementitious binders, aggregates, fibres, and admixtures) and the standard testing we do to test the performance of the concrete (flexural, compressive, tensile and density).

Construction: Work on construction projects such as the canoe mould, display stands, humidity tent and transportation container. You'll learn about the different power tools and PPE procedures we use and help brainstorm new construction projects while helping the construction leads with existing projects.

Sustainability: Join this sub-team to learn about how our team aims to be more sustainable and help brainstorm new ideas for sustainability while working on existing objectives.

Hull/Structural Design: Learn about our structural analysis and hull design process based on the desired parameters for the year (ie. length, width, curvature, etc). Our structural analysis incorporates the use of in-house software as well as commercial software (excel, MATLAB and CAD software).
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