Join AVP in Shanghai this summer!
Shanghai Jia Tong University, one of the top Universities in China, welcomes undergraduate and graduate students from all over the world to study in the dynamic city of Shanghai this summer! Aalto Ventures Program is excited to send up to five students to take part in the summer school at SJTU. More information:

Course list:

Two-week courses (11.07.-26.07.)
S021 Discover China
S022 China’s Public Policy and City Governance
S023 China’s Policy on Climate Change, Energy, and Environment
S024 Social Welfare Policies and Practices in Modern China
S025 China Design TOPIC 6: S026 Sustainable Ecological Design in China
S027 Green City Green Future
S028 Green Technology for Environmental Pollution Control
S029 China’s Urban Forest and Ecosystem Monitoring
S0210 Knowing Satellite by Cubesat
S0211 Chinese Traditional Exercise and Health

Three-week courses (11.07.-02.08.)
S031 Machine Intelligence and Robotics
S032 Reversing Climate Change
You can find more detailed descriptions of all the offered courses at
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