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Trip Dates 2018
Trips depart on Monday mornings and return the following Monday afternoon
Trip 1: 11 June to 18 June
Trip 2: 18 June to 25 June
Trip 3:  25 June to 2 July
Trip 4: 2 July to 9 July
Trip 5: 9 July to 16 July
Trip 6: 16 July to 23 July
Trip 7: 23 July to 28 July
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This information is confidential and will be used only if there is an emergency
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Can you swim? *
Swimming ability is helpful but not essential. Open water swimming is not allowed due to crocodiles!
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This helps with catering for people on a remote island.
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Please indicate your food preferences in the table below
not at all
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preserved meats (salami)
green vegetables
onions / garlic/ spices
carbohydrates (bread, cakes)
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Have you a medical condition that could be of concern on a remote island? *
Your answer is confidential but important to the team leader. Please inform the team leader of any medical condition before you get to the island so that yo can be better accommodated
Please provide details of any medication and the need for storage
This is important for safe and effective storage of medicines.
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Is there anything else we should know that will be of concern on a remote island?
Read the information provided about the physical activities on the island.
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Do you give permission for photographs of you used in an educational context?
You will be contacted for media release approval in any resulting publication.
Do you understand and agree to your responsibilities and procedures for evacuation from the island if necessary? *
Evacuations due to illness may incur a cost. It is best to have personal insurance.
Feel free to list your personal interests
This may assist in tailoring activities to the group
I have transferred the sum of Aus $50.00 to the AusTurtle Inc account as a deposit for participation. EFT can be deposited to Westpac Bank Casuarina, NT BSB: 035 306, Account Number: 231522. Include your name as the identifier in the transfer. Deposits will be refunded should your your application be unacceptable for any reason. Cancellations within three weeks of the departure date will not be refunded.
Please identify your deposit with your family name.
I have read and understood the Information Manual and agree to all conditions within. In addition you need to answer the following question. Within the past five years have you been guilty of a wildlife offence or had a permit cancelled under the Territory Parks and Wildlife Conservation Act or of an offence that otherwise relates to wildlife, including similar interstate legislation ?
Required for Nominees Assisting in the Research
Declaration:I do solemnly and sincerely declare that the details given above are true in every particular and I make this solemn declaration by virtue of the oaths Act.(Note there are heavy penalties for false declarations).
Signature: (You may type your name if electronic signature is not available).
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