Mansionization: Neighborhood Input Survey
A note from Councilmember Mike Bonin:

Earlier this week, the City Council’s Planning & Land Use Management Committee took action to curb the proliferation of “mansionization” in Los Angeles. The committee directed the Planning Department to begin revising citywide rules, known as the Baseline Mansionization Ordinance (BMO), which govern the amount of residential floor area that can be developed on a single-family lot. At the same time, the committee recommended immediate - but temporary - restrictions in certain specific neighborhoods throughout Los Angeles, including Mar Vista, the Kentwood section of Westchester, and parts of Venice east of Lincoln Boulevard.

I’ve heard from many of you on both sides of this issue. On the one hand, long-time residents and homeowners who cherish and value their neighborhoods are upset when existing houses are demolished to make way for large structures, often out of proportion with the rest of the block and out of sync with the neighborhood’s character. On the other hand, some property owners feel such rules diminish their property values by preventing them from building suitable homes for their growing families or by restricting their investment or their right to build as they see fit on their property. Please tell me what YOU think.
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